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Custom Gaskets Outgassing, Form-In-Place, Laser & Die

  • CGS Technologies

    CGSGasketSince 1975 leading custom gaskets provider Arizona Gasket and  later Canyon Gasket Supply Inc. has now become CGS Technologies a world class distinguished solution supplier for any and all applications dealing with sealing
    liquids, gasses, shock and vibration. When quality and performance are a crucial for your custom job we offer many types of gasket materials, shielding, and thermal products, adhesives and fluid sealing products.
    We specialize in the fabrication of parts made from EMI/RFI shielding materials. We also fabricate some parts such as Shims, Insulators, Contacts, Rings and Spacers made from thin metals.

    We have the knowledge and equipment to work with polyimide Film, Thermal, Anti-Static, and Non-Conductive materials as well as Structural Frozen Films and Adhesives for composite and structural bonding.

Form In Place Gaskets

  • Form In Place Gaskets

    We offer a variety of Form-in-Place gaskets for sealing on plastic enclosures and metal components with quick turnaround. The video above shows one of our CNC robots dispensing a Form In Place gaskets.

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Outgassing Gaskets

  • Thermal Vacuum Baking

    Outgassing of Materials, Parts, and Assemblies for Space Applications. Extruded EMI/RFI seals and all outgassing services.

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Die Cutting Gaskets

  • Pneumatic, Draulic Press and Steel Rule Die Cutting

    In large and small run quantities,  we can fabricate from a wide range of exotic materials for all your die cutting services.

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Laser Cutting Gaskets

  • Precision Laser Cutting Capability

    Cost Effective solution for fabricating prototypes with a quick turnaround. We’re able to cut through a wide range of materials.

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