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ISO 9001:2008 certified

AS9100:2009 Rev C

Circuit Card Repair Services

  • Circuit Card Repair Services

    Systems Integrators LLC employs a team of highly trained technicians who are IPC A-610 Certified, IPC-7711/7721 Certified, ESD trained, and adhere to our ISO AS9100 (C)ISO-9001:2008 certification. We provide full-service circuit card repair services for both Lead and Lead-Free (RoHS) soldered boards.

    Component Packages Replaced


    PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array)
    TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array)
    uBGA (Micro BGA)
    CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array)
    CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array)
    CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array)
    Double stacked components
    Ball Grid Array Connectors
    QFP (Quad Flat Pack)
    SOIC (Small Outline Plastic Packages)
    Lead Free BGA (Ball Grid Array)
    Board Repairs


    Industrial Circuit Board
    Embedded Controller Board
    LCD TV/Monitor (T-Con board, Inverter board, main board, power supply)
    Markets Served


    Our Capabilities


    Failure Analysis
    Thermal Profiling
    Ball Grid Array Component Replacement
    BGA Reballing
    High-Resolution Digital Image Capture

Our Clients